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About Me

Hi fishing world,

My name is Bill Georgopoulos, an amateur fisherman here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been fishing since I was a little kid and have loved it since it was first introduced to me through magazines and TV shows.

The AMFisH website has been created to share my love, enthusiasm, interest, and knowledge for amateur fishing with all of you AMFisHers out there! I have been fishing since I was a little boy and have loved it not to mention been hooked on it since then as well, let’s call it my “passion” in life which is why I decided to take all the steps needed to live my passion!

In my website you will find my main focus being a fishing vlog series which not only been a lot of fun shooting these vlogs but it’s lead me down a path where I have been able to interact with many AMFisHers around the world, answering questions, shooting video requests and just talking about fishing. You will also find all the social media avenues that you can follow and interact with AMFisH®, everything from a map to see how far AMFisH® has reached people, to popular social media links like twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram and my youtube channel.

The fishing vlogs are quite unique with me not only sharing fishing tips on how to improve but I also blog about regular things I encounter on the water like bad weather, slow fishing days, maintenance tips, safety tips, topics like this that I know many can benefit from. I have even taken my vlogs into another direction by having a separate area for inspirational/positivity vlogs in hopes that some of my positive energy reaches all of you!
The photo media section is filled with fishing pictures from over the last 22 years of fishing, as well as a special AMFisHers enthusiasts page where you can submit any fishing pictures you may want to share with the world so send them in to today!

There is also an AMFisH® store so be sure to visit this area, as I was asked by many people if I offered any fishing items and after a long journey with this AMFisH® venture I a very proud to offer a unique fish logo that anyone can be happy to walk around in. Being able to offer all AMFisHers good quality products that they can connect to AMFisH with is nothing shy of “amazing” so be sure to visit this page!

Fishing was an escape from everyday life, as well as a hobby and my enthusiasm was so overwhelming that I always wanted to learn more about it each and every day. I started picking up fishing magazines and kept reading more about it till I was completely surrounded with fishing.

Then once I got into watching the fishing shows with guys like Bob Izumi, Bill Dance, Hank Parker, Rick Clunn, and many more, the itch I got for fishing was quite uncontainable! Being a young kid and not having very outdoorsy parents was a downfall at times because no matter how badly I wanted to fish, there were minimal fishing opportunities for me.

So all I could do was learn more about fishing through reading magazines, so much so, that it almost became a fishing outing for me. This was the same for watching fishing shows; the excitement would take over and I was in my “fishing zone” !

Over the years, I would go out fishing as much as I could, borrowing the family car and hitting the lake. I am a bass guy by nature. I think it had something to do with seeing a bass hitting a top water bait once on a magazine. I do however fish for other species like pike, walleye/pickerel, pan fish species and musky. I never really got into fishing for trout, salmon and other river/stream species because the part of fishing I loved the most was being out on a lake! I do however see myself exploring fishing for more species but that will come with time, as I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I would much rather be extremely skilled at the species I have been fishing since the beginning.

Throughout my life I have evolved into quite the fisherman, always trying to better myself along the way but producing lots of fish on outings! Learning something new each fishing outing was a huge must, that was due to my inner drive to become the best fisherman I could be, building up my fishing mental arsenal that was logged in my brain.

Even now in my thirties, I continue to learn more and more about fishing, which is why I decided to share my knowledge with all amateur fisherman, woman and kids around the world. It takes a lot of time to get good at anything so through my blog and website I am just passing along some of the knowledge and tips I have acquired along the way. My love for fishing is so great that sharing what took me over 21 years to learn with the world feels like the right thing to do.

Well I could ramble on about me for quite a while longer, but I would much rather leave you some time to wander through my site reading and learning about fishing…..thanks for your time, chat with you soon!!!

Hope you find some value in what I am offering on my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or even just to say hi!

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