This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – where to find fish on really hot days – fishing.

Hi fellows AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about how to locate and find more fish on really hot days: Keeping an eye out for groups of birds or prey is one quick way to locate where baitfish are and where the bait are the fish will not be too far off!   On these really hot days we need to take water temperature into high consideration, WHY well if you have ever put your hands in a lake or went swimming in a lake you will k

This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – boat safety tips & safety on the water !

Hello fishing people this weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about boat safety and safety on the water: It’s one of my earlier videos and a short one about how to be safe on a boat when it comes to moving around, especially when you are out alone. I remind people all the time to be safe on the water is it is more dangerous then driving on a road at times, be cautious when moving around the lake and “ALWAYS” ha


Picture of my boat wake in a place some friends and I call our “FISHING PARADISE” ! ! ! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #fishing #boats #rivers #boating #fish #nature