AMFisH blog post – great baits for catfish!

AMFisH blog post – great baits for catfish! Hi AMFisHers!  This post is about some great baits for catching catfish, you may know about some and may never thought about others but I swear by them all as I have caught some pretty good size catfish over the years as well as a lot of medium size ones. First is using a simple earthworm but not just one, usually two long ones bundled and hooked numerous times in a bait ball.  This is a for sure… View On WordPress #fishingbaits #la


Totally had to re-blog this as this is a fellow AMFisHer sporting one of my t-shits! Nice catch Marcus and the shirt looks great on you!  To more tight fishing lines buddy. The AMFisH guy… #lakes #catfish #fishing #AMFisHer #fish


Found a good catfish species chart, thought I would pass it along to all you catfish fishing people…….good to be able to reference the kind of catfish you have caught. The AMFisH guy… #catfish #fishchart #fishing


This is a huge catfish that was caught on a 1 inch piece of all beef hot dog, yup you read that right all beef hot dogs are great baits for cat fish……read some past posts I have written about this. Normally I would hold the fish properly, something I always try to do but in this case I did not want to remove a lot of the fish slime as that can harm the fish later on… me this one had a lot of protective slime on it ! ! ! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #bigfish #catfis

Two baits that are great for catching catfish ! ! !

There are two baits by far that work unbelievable well when it come to catching catfish and if you don’t believe me because after all I am just another fisherman talking about fishing, well try them out and let me know if you did not have luck ! ! ! First is chicken gizzards, yes they freaking work !   You can pick them up at your local grocery store and are very inexpensive, toss then in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up before using them.   Bury a hook right inside m