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Hi everyone!   The Getting ducked sucks shirt campaign is ending soon so SHOP now as you will not want to miss out on this shirt! $5.00 discount off any shirt is still in effect, click below and get your shirt today! BUY here: Thanks….The Getting ducked sucks crew! #fishingbaits #Outdoors #funny #baits #tshirts #bigbass #fishingpictures #camping #BillGeorgopoulos #positivity #dreams #fishing #bassfishing #summer #sun #c

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Hi everyone!   I am sure the Getting ducked crew have been infected by some serious spring fever these days and the result is offering all of you a $5.00 DISCOUNT off ALL the shirts in the campaign! CLICK here to BUY now: Women’s fitted V-neck t-shirt! Thanks…the Getting ducked sucks crew! #fishingbaits #Outdoors #funny #baits #tshirts #bigbass #fishingpictures #camping #BillGeorgopoulos #bigfish #positivity #dreams #fi

Easter weekend t-shirt discount!

Hi everyone!   The warmer weather is upon us and so is Easter, makes for some great energy in the air! SHOP now: ACT now and get $3.50 OFF all shirts from the Getting Ducked Sucks campaign! These will sell Fast so click the link below and SHOP now: Getting Ducked Sucks! #funnyshirts #funnytshirts #tshirts #fishing #fishingbaits #Outdoors #funny #tshirts #fishingpict

Have you been ducked? Get your Autocorrect ducked me again shirt today!

Get your t-shirts here, get your t-shirts here!    CLICK here to see these great fun shirts: *Available in men’s and woman’s sizes and colours.* These will not last long so ACT now! Available through the homepage at and in the AMFisH store! #Outdoors #funny #tshirts #bigbass #fishingpictures #lakes #camping #BillGeorgopoulos #positivity #dreams #fishing #bassfishing #summer #sun #cottages #rivers #fishingvideos #TACKLEAmateu

T-shirt campaign is launched! Getting ducked sucks t-shirts are here, ACT FAST before these sell ou

Hi everyone!   The Getting ducked sucks t-shirts are here!   We have all been ducked by that darn autocorrect, which is why I created this fun t-shirt to be that conversation piece engaging all of us to share those ever popular autocorrect ducked me again stories! This shirt has been in the making for a long while now, wanted to offer a fun shirt about something we can all relate to as this happens pretty much daily in my life! Autocorrect h

Today’s AMFisH fishing blog post – tips for spooling line on a baitcasting reel.

Hi AMFisHers!   Spring fishing is almost here and I thought I would share a post with some tips in it for spooling line on to your baitcasting reels. First fishing line does not last for many years and it ages quicker is left in direct lights so keep your spools tucked away in a dark place.  Depending on how often you fish it is a good idea to get into the practice of changing it every season, mono and fluorocarbon for sure, with braid you can usually get away with cutting of

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – The AMFisH creation story, video #100!

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This is a very special AMFisH fishing vlog that is going live this week, as it is the AMFisH creation story vlog as well as my 100th video that has gone live on my YouTube channel! AMFisH goes back many years to the time when I was in the mid teens and thinking of what wanted to do for a living or what I wanted to be part of as a career, a very confusion time for me as I knew fishing was what I wanted to do but had not idea how I would get to doing it. F

AMFisH daily blog post – spring fishing bait tips!

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   Spring is just around the corner and there are some key spring fishing strategies when it comes to what baits to use. Bait fish are their smallest in the very early months so throwing a huge bait does not make for a good choice.   You will want to stick to smaller baits, in the 3.5″ and shorter range, as well as slimmer profile baits with not too much body bulk. Spring is the time of year when everything is rejuvenating itself, small fry bait fish are s

AMFisH daily blog post – don’t put the important things on hold for too long.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   I decided to write this post after having had a conversation with my website gwizard recently, it’s was a good reminder chat for him about life stuff. I have always said if you really want to do something, see someone or go somewhere you will make the time to do it, but is seems as though we allow that busy life to make us put these things off for longer than we think. Over the years I have strived to “always” make the time for visiting those who are im


Who knew fish had a beer preference…lol! Funny thing is I bet this bait will still catch fish! #funny #baits #lakes #fishing #cottages #lures #fishingboats #beer #fisherman #fish #AMFisH #AMFisHers #funnypictures #fishingtips


Nothing like taking a selfie and having someone creep into the picture with you….ha ha ha! #funny #lakes #bassproshops #fishing #fishingvlogs #fishingblogs #fish #AMFisH #selfie #AMFisHers #funnypictures #fishingtips


Ahhhhhhhh the classic movie “A Christmas Story”, how could I not reblog this picture as I watch this movie each and every year !  Several years back I went to Cleveland Ohio and toured the actual house that was in the movie, quite unique even though a lot of the movie winter scenes were not shot there, none the less a fun experience as there were lots of people there for the event. Nice one to watch with friends and family….. The AMFisH guy… #Christmas #fishing


Thought I would jump outside my usual fishing post pictures with a picture of a cookie that made me laugh !  I opened a bag of chocolate chip cookies last week and found this specific cookie with a nose, yes this cookie was made with a huge nose ! Made me laugh so I figured I would share it with the world, WHY because this is the only time in my life where I found a cookie with a nose and kind of an angry face thing going on. The AMFisH guy… #cookies #fishing #f


Came across this fishing comic, re-blogged it because it is witty and I thought I would pass it along ! The AMFisH guy… #fishing #fishingcomic #funny


After a rough long week back at work this fishing funny brought a smile to my face tonight, thought I would re-blog it because of that ! The AMFisH guy… diawlsfishing: Poepleing, fishing, but for fish! #fishing #fishingcomic #funny #laughs


This picture has nothing to do with fishing, just like to do a random post of stuff I come across from time to time that make me think.   The simpler days of technology, how non controlloing they were of our brains ! ! ! ! The AMFisH guy… #computers #fishing #funny


This was a simple re-blog, funny picture thought I would pass it along ! The AMFisH guy… atetherefuckedthat: father and son re-unite!!!! @ #fishing #funny


Just a funny picture and there are “BASS” in it so it made it easy to re-blog this ! The AMFisH guy… crocodilesdavis: Count Bassie #fishing #fishingcomic #funny


Came across this fishing related comic thought I would share it ! The AMFisH guy… #fishing #fishingcomic #funny


Re-blogged this just because it made me laugh when I saw it ! The AMFisH guy… allthatremainstaxidermy: Gone fishin’ I’ll be taking a short summer break from the blog while I’m out of the country, but stayed tuned for more weird and wonderful taxidermy in just a few weeks. Thanks to you all for following! #fishing #funny

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