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Inviting you all into the AMFisH store!

Hi AMFisHers it’s me the AMFisH guy inviting you into the AMFisH store for a look at these fun kids fishing shirts! If you have a little one that loves to fish I am sure they would love their own lucky fishing shirt. Visit today. The AMFisH guy… #Outdoors #kidsfishingshirts #lakes #summer #cottages #takeakidfishing #luckyfishingshirts #funshirts #fish #AMFisH #catchingfish #kids #AMFisHers #kidsfishingevents #kidsfishing

Second annual AMFisH kids fishing day – 2014!

Had a blast at this years AMFisH kids/family fishing day event, especially when it came to taking fish face pictures! This little ones had a blast sporting their AMFisH fishing shirts in some pics. Visit the AMFisH store at and pick one up for your little ones! The AMFisH guy… #Outdoors #kidsfishingevent #lakes #fishing #amateurfishing #fisherman #fish #fun #AMFisH #catchingfish #kids #AMFisHers #kidsfishing

AMFisH 2014 kids fishing day pictures!

Hi everyone!   Sharing some pictures from a very fun event that I recently hosted for the second time and man was it fun!   I a on a fishing venture trying to share my passion for fishing with the future generations and the second annual AMFisH kids/family fishing day was a huge success! Kids had a great time sporting their lucky AMFisH fishing shirts and dogs tags, not to mention those loot bags they all received filled with goodies.  Seeing the parents having a fun day with

Pictures from the AMFisH kids fishing day – 2014!

Hi AMFisHers! Here are a few pictures from the second annual AMFisH kids fishing day last weekend, what a fun event it was as everyone had a blast! Big thank you to Dipesh Lakhani for doing a photo shoot at my event, with the main focus being shooting a “FISH FACE” series for me, talk about fun pictures! Do you have a fish face picture? If you do head into the AMFisH Facebook page below and post it! He does amazing work with portraits/headshots so visit him at www.dipeshlakha

AMFisH blog post – take the kids fishing!

AMFisH blog post – take the kids fishing! Hi AMFisHers!   This post is a simple one about taking the kids fishing!   I truly love seeing all the parents posting pictures and sharing pictures with me through social media of their little ones fishing as it brings back a lot of memories for me. They are the next future fishing generation which is why I always promote catch and release, not polluting our waters with our garbage during a… View On WordPress #fishingbaits #baits #fi


Last day of my vacation wrapped up today, great first week with my puppy then a fabulous week away enjoying some fishing with friends. Spent some time when I get back these past few days socializing Sequioa with some more of the kids I know, had a blast with these two little girls I know very teaching them about dogs and including them in some puppy training with me, my goodness did they ever have fun playing with her! The AMFisH guy… #


Just posting more pictures from the kids fishing day, lot’s of photos to go through so it will take a few posts. Great seeing all the smiling faces in the pictures and they all looked so cute in the AMFisH kids swag t-shirts! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #fishing #fish #AMFisH #kids #kidsfishing


Great day and a lot of fun at the local trout pond fishing with my god son, this was his first catch. Sure was proud of him he did great! The AMFisH guy… #fishing #kids #kidsfishing #trout


Last of the Christmas gifts, there will sure be two happy kids this year !  My friends daughter and my god son are now old enough that I can take them fishing in the spring, so I decided a great gift would be to get them all ready for some pan fish and trout pond fishing ! Picked some easy little critter baits, like grasshoppers and bumble bees along with some floats all simple little stuff that I can cast out for them and watch them reel in with anticipation……that in itself

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