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AMFisH blog post – running towards your “passion”!

AMFisH blog post – running towards your “passion”! Hi everyone!  I have wanted to write a post about passion’s for a while now, as I started to pursue my passion the last few years and what a remarkable journey it has become!     The mere thought I knowing that through some ups and downs as well as a lot of hard work I can actually get up one day and talk fishing from 9-5, that to someone like me who’s passion for fishing is… View On WordPress #fishingbaits #baits #BillGeorgo

Don’t stay in an unhappy place for too long…

Just sharing a recent event in my life……..”I QUIT MY JOB” ! ! ! !  Now most people may think someone who quits their job is nuts but I did secure a new job before I quit.  There are times in our lives where you say “how much more of this can I take”, yet making a decision is so difficult……well it really is not. I have tried to surround myself with positive people in my life and unfortunately I stayed in a negative work environment for far too long.   My point here is don’t st


I could not agree with this more, which is why I chose to re-blog it……who knows why we are here but we are not going to travel the “LIFE” road alone so I will leave you with this……..live live “LIVE” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The AMFisH guy… amfish.ca camo——cutie: Smile everyday, life is short and there’s so much to smile about. Cherish who you have, you never know when God will call them home. Laugh often. Love much. Take silly pictures. Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Ta


I have written a few blog posts on positive thinking and when I came across this picture I realised that yes there are times where we are surrounded by a great deal of negativity, BUT that is no excuse always remember to “FREAKING SMILE” ! ! ! The AMFisH guy… amfish.ca #positivity #dreams #fishing #smile #life