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Water safety – must always be at the top of your list – fishing.

Hi fellow fishing enthusiasts, anglers and AMFisHers, you have probably heard me talk about water safety many times before and I am touching on it again as I got caught in a furious storm this past weekend, that came out of nowhere. When I got on the water it was slightly windy and sunny, blue skies with several white clouds. The chance of storms was 30%, which explained why the day was not bad, until it all changed very quickly right out of the blue. This intense sky engulfi

Cool storm rolling in video ! ! ! !

Hi fishing people wanted to invite you all to the AMFisH Facebook page( where I recently posted a short video of a storm rolling in during the late evening on the Ottawa river while on a fishing vacation. It is a short video as we needed to get inside the cottage pretty damn quick, thunder was roaring and the lighting was lighting up the entire sky, not to mention the intense rain that lasted from 9pm that night until around 9:15am the next morning….

This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – keep and eye out on the weather.

Hello fellow fishing people, this weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is a short safety blog on weather and keeping an eye on it while on the water. From time to time I will incorporate safety videos into my weekly video blogs because I feel it is necessary reminding us all that sure we enjoy the water BUT take some safety steps to keep everyone with you safe. Bad weather moves in quickly and even faster on small bodies of water and they will stir up much faster.  Pay attention t


This is a picture of the lake last weekend when mother nature decided to calm down for a short while.  It was late in the day and the storm was about 15 minutes away, so that weird calmness of the water looked really nice, especially after having been tossed around in the massive waves all day. It was a very short window as the drive home turned into major pockets of rain as the sky got darker and darker by the minute. The AMFisH guy… #fishing #lakes #storms #water


This is the video I said I would post of the rough water on the lake this weekend.   We were at the back end and the weather started to quickly turn on us, blowing us very quickly which resulted in us dashing right after I shot this little video of the waves, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the waves !  Watch the wave rolling towards the boat at 45 seconds, freaking “HUGE” ! ! ! ! Decent size lake not attached to a great lake or anything so seeing weather like this starting to move in alwa

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