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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – fishing leaders and when to use what size leader – fish

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about leaders and what size you should use for what application: Leaders come in various sizes ranging from 4″ all the way up to 24″ and longer, with fisherman also making their own leaders of up to several feet to fit their specific application.  Most commonly used sizes for everyday fishing for pike as an example would be 12″ to 18″, as you want as much main line coverage as possible. Wh

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – flipping jig is a good bait for largemouth bass!

Hi AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about the flipping jig being a good bait for largemouth bass: Flipping jigs are a skirted material sitting on a jighead with a weed guard and are designed to be fished in thick weed cover.   You would typically fish these baits with a soft plastic trailer on the hook, which sits right under the skirt giving the bait a body(see picture below). These baits are a very good bait for largemouth bass BUT you can catch other species

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Today’s AMFisH fishing blog post – tips for spooling line on a baitcasting reel.

Hi AMFisHers!   Spring fishing is almost here and I thought I would share a post with some tips in it for spooling line on to your baitcasting reels. First fishing line does not last for many years and it ages quicker is left in direct lights so keep your spools tucked away in a dark place.  Depending on how often you fish it is a good idea to get into the practice of changing it every season, mono and fluorocarbon for sure, with braid you can usually get away with cutting of

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – The AMFisH creation story, video #100!

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This is a very special AMFisH fishing vlog that is going live this week, as it is the AMFisH creation story vlog as well as my 100th video that has gone live on my YouTube channel! AMFisH goes back many years to the time when I was in the mid teens and thinking of what wanted to do for a living or what I wanted to be part of as a career, a very confusion time for me as I knew fishing was what I wanted to do but had not idea how I would get to doing it. F

AMFisH daily blog post – spring fishing bait tips!

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   Spring is just around the corner and there are some key spring fishing strategies when it comes to what baits to use. Bait fish are their smallest in the very early months so throwing a huge bait does not make for a good choice.   You will want to stick to smaller baits, in the 3.5″ and shorter range, as well as slimmer profile baits with not too much body bulk. Spring is the time of year when everything is rejuvenating itself, small fry bait fish are s

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – my biggest Canadian largemouth bass catch, a 7lb monster!

AMFisHers!   This week s AMFisH fishing vlog is a short video of my biggest Canadian largemouth bass caught to date, 7lb monster! I was fishing a well known spot on a lake I fish a lot on and it was very close to sunset, when I decided to end the day fishing that spot.  I saw a huge breech and new something big was in the area on a feed so I continued to circle this massive weed/rock filled structure, using my go to bait double Colorado chartreuse spinnerbait with a twin boog

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – what colour baits to use in stained and clear waters.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about what colour bait to use in stained and clear waters: I have been asked on numerous occasions while fishing as to what colour to use and if colour makes a big difference.  Well it was time I shot a video on this topic as there are many variables that come into play. The rule of thumb is when the sun is out go to a bright bait that will be visible to the fish and catch lots of flash.    On the flip side during an ove


The views while fishing are always nothing shy of “AMAZING”! The AMFisH guy… #Outdoors #lakes #fishing #sun #sky #fisherman #clouds #fish #AMFisH #catchingfish #sunsets #AMFisHers #fishingtips


Tonight’s sunset what a view, had to share. The AMFisH guy… #Outdoors #fishing #sun #sky #beauty #fish #AMFisH #life #nature #sunset #sunsets #AMFisHers


Great shot captured on an iphone, hat’s off to the photographer of this shot……I decided to reblog this one because of the view, ohhhhhhhhhhhh the view……a must reblog everyone this looks like “PARADISE” ! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #fishing #sun #sky #water #fish #sunsets


I was chatting with one of my Tumblr followers last week, as I do here and there when various people send a message through about something.  After a few exchanged messages some pictures were shared and I decided to blog one of his photos, pretty neat shot if you ask me ! Hope you all enjoy it !!!! Thanks for the chat and pic mrfish1991… soon… The AMFisH guy… #lakes #camping #fishing #sun #cottages


Oh what a view this is, easy reblog picture in my opinion ! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #fishing #sun #fishingrod #oceans


This is a picture from a recent day of muskie fishing, cool fall day with crazy clouds and some sun breaking though that made for a sky that look “gorgeous” ! The AMFisH guy… #lakes #fishing #sun #sky #clouds


Here is a picture of the lake I was on, in my many years of fishing up there I have never witnessed waves like this !   This picture was actually taken in the calmer water, I will see if I can upload a short video I took while at the back end of the lake where the wind was so intense and the waves looked like they were ready to swallow the boat ! It called for an early fishing day because the water was far too rough and it being fall I quickly sensed by the wind on the back o


Amateur fisherman, woman, kids out there make a mental note that when you see water like in this picture I am re-blogging try various top water baits, it is calm and perfect water for some top water action! Top water vegetation like this is great because it will provide a home for bait fish which in turn provides a feeding area for bigger fish……”always” try areas and calm water like this, bound to produce fish for you… The AMFisH guy… anesdoly: Fishing – British Col


A buddy and I fishing in the early morning on a local lake housing many species of fish……..always a fun time hunting them down on a lake that does not permit the use of gas motors ! ! ! #lakes #fishing #boats #sun #fish

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