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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – being prepared for any fishing outing in the elements !

Hello fellow fishing people !  This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about learning to be prepared for fishing in the elements: I can’t stress enough to be a prepared as possible and if so be even a little more prepared.   When it comes to the elements of cold weather it is critical to take some key steps, that way the outings can be enjoyed. Put a little list together of important items like, extra gloves,

This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – Ice fishing tips from the AMFisH guy !

Hello fellow fishing people !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is me sharing some ice fishing tips with all of you: In this video you will see a tip I share about using a rechargeable toothbrush, yes you read that right a rechargeable toothbrush.  Sure it sounds weird but bare with me here for a minute, the purpose of this it to stimulate the fishing line and tip of the rod, this will send vibration righ


My long time friend snapped this shot of me doing what I love most…..”FISHING” !   Not sure what it is about this picture but when I look at it, I really see that this is what I should be doing with my life… The AMFisH guy… #lakes #winter #fishing #ice #fish #icefishing

This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – ice fishing does not need to be expensive !

Hi fishing world !  = )  This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about ice fishing and why it does not need to be expensive: I have never been a winter person but over the last few years I get the itch to fish during the winter so I got into ice fishing and slowly but surely it was yet another learning for me. Does it need to be expensive, “ABSOLUTELY NOT” !   As you will see in this video I have a small tackl


This was my best catch this weekend, not a monster but put up a long fight, as I was trying not to cut my line in the ice hole.   Drop shot rigged minnows rocked it this weekend, give this technique a try very slow finesse style that works great in the winter on sluggish fish BUT also allows you to fish lots of different depths with a minor adjustment to the weight height. The AMFisH guy… #fishing #icefishing #pike #winter


Such a beautiful view on the same winter hike, crossed a small bridge and this is what I saw when I turned to my right……….I am not a winter person but this looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice… The AMFisH guy… #creek #fishing #hiking #winter


Was visiting a long time friend over the holidays and we went out for a short winter hike.   My friend who knows the area took me slightly off the trail to look at this, made for a neat little picture as it has been standing there for many years. We figured it must have been some type of storage and after checking it out on the internet it appears that this was a dynamite storage bunker, made sense as the area was known for mining certain rocks/mineral stones. Pretty neat see

Why ice fishing does not need to cost a lot of cash !

Ice fishing season has approached and I did not think I would see the day where a ice fishing rod no longer then my arm would cost almost $80, well I did and man was I shocked. I am not a huge ice fishing fan as I don’t like the cold weather much BUT I do get out here and there and did invest some money in ice fishing gear.  I went the route I would recommend to any looking into ice fishing, “keep it cheap” ! It is much different them fishing in the summer on lakes or rivers

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