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Thought I would write something that I hope some of you find a good read, it’s about life in general but pertain’s to some personal experiences of mine.  I have always said we come into this world alone and we leave it alone, kind of weird when you think about it but it’s true. 

Well through life and the past two years especially 2012 I could not believe the statement above any more then I do right now.   In the early part of the yearn I jumped right into living my passion, any way that I could and I must admit it has been absolutely amazing !

There were many obstacles I had to overcome and the biggest one for me, due to having a very strong emotional side was being disapointed by those people in your life that you never thought would do something like that, especially long time friendships.   Well it happens, from friends, long time friends and even family, is this unfortunate YES but as my little saying above said we can into this world all alone we need to make efforts to get through it alone as well.

This does not mean youn can’t depend on people in your life it just means that there will be times when you need some of them there for all sorts of help and it just does not happen.  Through my AMFisH venture I have battled some disapointments but hold my head high and plug forward WHY because I am on the road of trying to live my passion, this is a road I have wanted to travel down since I was just a young boy.

If you are not getting the help you need from the people you know should be helping you, then move forward and seek it elsewhere, yup life can be that harsh sometimes.  Another saying I came accross was “don’t make someone a priority if they only make you and option”, when I first read it I said to myself this could not be more true. 

We all need a support system, life is complex and full of challenges and building a strong support system is the key to living life to the fullest.  I have found out that my support system that I thought was the strongest actually has become significantly weaker over the years, never thought that would happen which is why I never thought or worried about it before.

Through it all I have managed to stay as possitive as I can, because this path I am on right now is filled with positivity and I know a lot of good will come out of it.  If you have those moments of feeling lost or abandoned by those closest to you, don’t worry too much about it you are stronger then you think you are just keep moving forward.

As 2012 nears to and end I am still battling some challenges on this venture that involves people close to me and it is kind of sad when it appears like you are not even worth 15 minutes to some of these people in the span of a week’s time.  It’s a struggle that’s for sure but in the end you will always need to do what is right for you.  Without you making efforts to keep yourself happy you are no good to anyone around you, so it is very important to maintain those healthy relationships where you can.

Life is trully a remarkable thing, psuhing our minds to the limit, our hearts beyond the limit, but in the end through all of this we grow and end up growing into the person we are to be in life.

Don’t ever change too much about yourself, fine tuning little things like being late all the time when meeting friends is one thing BUT don’t change the person you are because when you sit back and think of all those people you have known for so long they are still there with you because of “you” !

Life is great live and live it hard each and everyday, don’t stress the little things that always have solutions make decisions and keep those eyes looking forward……they would not be called dreams if we did not run after them…I will leave you with this: “Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.” ~Unknown

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