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A story that clearly explains being positive is a better option…

I had to share this story with everyone out there, WHY because it really made me think.  I have seen this girl about four times during the last few months in a subway restaurant while grabbing a bite.  Each and every time I have seen her I sense this really strong intense negative feel from her, she looks angry all the time, always on her phone yelling at someone, orders and does not pay attention to the person making her sandwich then if a topping is missed she gets snappy, right there out loud.

When I saw this happen the second, then third then fourth time I thought I was living in the movie “groundhogs day”(great movie by the way!), no way I was always catching this person on her bad day she was living a life of negativity.

I have blogged before about positivity and this story was a must share, I actually let someone in before me to create some space between her and I, the negativity was sooooooooo intense it made everyone right there and then turn the same way.  She snapped at the person making the sandwich who in turn got snooty with the guy I let before me, then that guy got snappy at the register total chain reaction through three people that ended the second I ordered.

Sure will life be a “bitch” at time, YES that is life always throwing stuff at us BUT there is no need to live such a negative life, that must be so draining on a daily basis.   I myself have had a crazy rough year, it is what it is and I gotta keep plowing forward.   Positivity spreads just like negativity does, I could have allowed myself to get snappy as well because it was taking too long but there was not point in letting someone like that ruin what was a good day and week for me !

Think positive and see what happens, surround yourself in positive and see what happens, talk positive and see what happens(my buddy Vanja will attest to this for sure), spread positivity and see what happens.  

In the end life is far too short for all this negative crap, sure we all have the right to live our lives the way we fill fit, I am just a guy sharing some life stories with everyone in hopes that my positivity rubs off on others.

Being happy is quite simple, we just tend to sabotage it most of the time for whatever our reason is…….but trust me being happy and positive are much better options, WHY because more gets done that way…

The AMFisH guy…

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