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A way to build confidence on fishing outings…

One sure way to build confidence on future fishing outings is to put together a “GO TO BOX” as I like to call it !  Others may reference this as a “hot box” which is basically a tackle tray that contains various successful baits that have worked for you.

By doing this your confidence level as you head out on the water is usually at a high, why because once a bait has produced for you there is no hesitation tying it on your line.

More importantly these baits that have worked for you will more then likely continue to work for you, granted they may not produce every outing BUT you will for sure be excited when putting one on, as you will have reminded yourself that it has caught fish for you before.

Your top 6 to 10 baits should do the trick and they don’t need to be fished in any specific order, just knowing they have worked before is enough drive to tie one on ! Start fishing these baits to find what pattern is working that day, slowly but surely things will come together and remember to keep these baits in tip top shape, at the end of each day take a good look at each one to ensure hooks are in good shape and that the bait will work when it is fished, you go to box baits will have taken some abuse if they have produced so ensuring they are in good working order is a MUST !

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