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“Always” make sure plastic baits are sitting straight on hooks…

I can’t stress how important it is to “always” ensure your plastic baits are sitting completely straight on you hooks, applies to texas rigs and finesse rigs in general.   The straighter the bait is sitting from top to bottom the more natural it will appear to the fish.

Rubber worms, lizards and other plastic baits that are not sitting straight on your hooks will for sure impact the amount of fish you catch, not to mention potentially snag a lot easier when being retrieved.

Each and every time you reel that bait in make sure to check how it is sitting on the hook, if it is crooked at all make sure to re-aline it.   For the few seconds it takes to do this you will see that your catch percentage will definitely increase, nothing worse then fishing with a plastic bait that is hanging incorrectly, potentially making the hook hang differently and worst of all not catching you any fish.

There is no excuse for fishing with a presentation that is sub par, take the time which in the end will reward you will more fish being landed…

The AMFisH guy…

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