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AMFisH 2014 kids fishing day pictures!

Hi everyone!   Sharing some pictures from a very fun event that I recently hosted for the second time and man was it fun!   I a on a fishing venture trying to share my passion for fishing with the future generations and the second annual AMFisH kids/family fishing day was a huge success!

Kids had a great time sporting their lucky AMFisH fishing shirts and dogs tags, not to mention those loot bags they all received filled with goodies.  Seeing the parents having a fun day with their little ones was great as well and it was fun sharing fishing with so many youngsters/families, especially when you would see the little faces light up when they saw a fish!

If you know anyone that takes their kids fishing have them visit my website it’s filled with lots of fishing information including an online store with kids lucky fishing shirts which are quite cute!

Thanks again to everyone that attended I look forward to growing this event annually and seeing you all there again.

The AMFisH guy…

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