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AMFisH blog post – always give feedback to fishing manufacturers about bad experiences with product.

Hi AMFisHers!   This post is about taking the time to give your feedback to fishing manufacturers about any bad experience, WHY well why not is the better question?

We all work hard for our money and I am pretty sure many of you have had that experience where a pack of soft plastics did not have the correct count in it, a blade came off a spinnerbait due to a bad o-ring, major paint coming off a crankbait, whatever it may be give them your feedback so they know what we as AMFisHers are going through.

It’s hard not to give your feedback at today’s prices and I always make it a point to look up contact info for any manufacturers that I feel need to hear the feedback.   I had an issue with two baits from a well known manufacturer malfunction on me causing the baits to become useless, well I wrote them and sent in pictures to find out it was a quality issue with a potential bad part from a batch.   They requested pictures and the product to be sent back and in return they did not only replace my two baits but included a few extras for my troubles.

Now I am not saying to do this for the potential free stuff it’s for the point of spending money on items that either break or malfunction prematurely causing them to become totally useless to you, which sometimes can happen right out of the package.

This can be applied to anything in life not just fishing stuff, but I love talking fishing so it only made sense to tie this to it.  I hope you found this post helpful so the next time you encounter something that is just not right make sure to address the issue for the sake of addressing it and at least getting your stuff replaced.

The AMFisH guy…

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