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AMFisH blog post – AMFish finally goes HD!

Hi fellow AMFisHers and fishing world!   This news is long overdue but I finally made the jump into shooting my AMFisH fishing vlogs in HD and I am extremely excited about this!

With anything in life you take certain steps when you think the timing is right, unfortunately life does not always allow you to do as you please, we can control some stuff in life but not everything.   One of the reasons I did not start with HD is because I did not have a camera that could shoot HD videos, so I used what I had which is just a Canon camera that shoots video as well.

The advantage I had with my vlogs is I shoot out on the lakes during the spring, summer and fall so the lighting conditions with my current camera allowed me to benefit and shoot some pretty good quality videos, so spending that extra money on any HD camera at the time was not something I felt I needed to do.

Have I had some struggles with my current camera, “YES” were they bad enough struggles to make me snap and buy a new one “NO”, but I did know that there was definitely more I could do with a better quality camera that’s for sure!

Needless to say because I really care about pushing out the bets possible content I can I felt the time for having gone HD with my vlogs was pushed a little too far for my liking so “I MADE THE JUMP”, HD videos are coming your way this year!

I am looking forward to all the video ideas running through my head ever since I picked up my GoPro and all these ideas were right inside my head just needed to get that better camera to release them….so hang on it will be a great ride!

Thank you for your time in reading this post, I look forward to making many vlogs that I hope are adding value to all of you out there.

The AMFisH guy…

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