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AMFisH blog post – are baits really species specific?

Hi fishing world!   = )   This AMFisH blog post is about what baits different fish will hit.   I do get a lot of questions about this from people seeing my pictures and asking how I catch a certain fish on a certain bait.

Well the answer is quite simple all types of fish will hit various baits, WHY well if it fall into looking like something they see in their natural habitat, it moves like something in there habitat there is a pretty strong chance any fish in that area will strike!

Example white spinnerbaits are killer for catching smallmouth bass but I have caught rock bass, largemouth bass, pike, walleye, crappie all on a white spinnerbait before so again will a specific bait catch a lot of one species YES will a specific bait catch other species of fish it sure will.

Flipping soft plastics like a creature bait as an example is typically a largemouth bass bait and presentation, but hey will you look at that I have caught pike on a creature bait, smallmouth bass and walleye so the thing to remember here is if there are a lot of species in the waters you fish you might just catch any of them.

A big musky bait over 8″ in length might catch a one pound smallmouth bass just like it did for me, you just never know but you can reduce this by targeting the species you are looking for by isolating the key habitat areas for that species BUT it does not by any stretch of the imagination prevent a huge pike feeding from rolling on in and hitting that bait.

Many techniques are said to be species specific techniques which for the most part has some bearing to it BUT we have no control over what hits out baits, a hungry fish is a hungry fish, a fish looking to destroy anything in it’s are will destroy it, it’s just the way things are.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…


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