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AMFisH blog post – best place to rig an earthworm/nightcrawler.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  The nice weather is almost here for most of us and many will be taking the kids out for some spring fishing so I thought I would write a post about where the best pace to rig an earthworm/nightcrawler is.

I have included a picture below of a worm and through my many years of fishing I have always found that rigging them directly through the clitellum is the best place and most secure place.  Yes that is a weird word so let me explain it in easy terms the pouch on the worm that is always a different lighter colour then the rest of the worm.

The first hook puncture I make is directly through the middle of that pouch, WHY well it seems to be quite a tough durable spot and the worms can’t really wiggle free when rigged through there even if you don’t put the hook through a second spot.

Depending on the fishing you are doing you can usually double up on your worms by cutting the really long ones in half, as that still makes for a 2″ to 3″ long worm when it starts to stretch itself out, meaning it is a good portion of food to attract a fish.

If I am using a full worm I will push the hook through the clitellum then a second time about an inch or so below the clitellum, that second hook puncture is what I call my safety net, if small fish start to tug they can get it off the second puncture spot but normally not of the clitellum that is hooked.

You can also make a big worm bundles with a few worms on a larger hook, that is a good large meal if you are targeting sturgeon or big catfish, hard for those guys to pass up a big stinky worm ball sitting on the bottom!

I hope you found this post helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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