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AMFisH blog post – don’t keep yourself in an unhappy place for too long…

Hi everyone!  I have written about this before and I like to re-visit it here and there as many of us fall victim’s to the trap of keeping ourselves in an unhappy place for far too long.

This could be one of many things, a bad job, terrible relationship, living with bad roommates, the list goes on and on, so the question is why do we stay in these situations?

The trap I am referring to is the one that makes us say stuff like, well I can’t find a job, I can’t pay rent on my own for a place like this, I don’t want to be single and it’s not that bad, these types of answers are the first thing we turn to when things are not going well, negativity that has festered for far too long not allowing you to snap out of it.

Sure is it hard to find a new job damn right it is, do we all want to keep the same living status of our home environment, yes again is it hard to end up single after all the years on having comfort in your life, yes BUT it things get so bad where you are talking about the bad to everyone more and more each week, you definitely need to re-think some things as life is way too short to be unhappy for a very long time.

I left my previous job after 5 years, the first two flew right by as I was learning but the last three were so damn tough on me, trying to survive in the negative environment it had become was consuming me and I started to sound like a broken record to myself, enough was enough I could not stand it anymore and immediately took to looking for something else.

Well sure enough I believe it was the right time for me to either leave that place or be taken out of that place because I had gone through the exact amount of time in the job for the things that I needed to learn from being there, I am talking about the life learning stuff.

Within a week I had landed a new job in a great environment, went a lot faster than I thought it was going to go but luck was on my side.  I can’t tell you how great it felt to be out of a place that felt like is was draining me to the point where I was going to fade away.

So my point is many things in life will be hard to go through, that is how we grow from good and bad experiences BUT focusing on the negative and not taking any steps to leap out of it will not help you at all, you will get clear signs that is enough is enough once day and that is the time for you to act, if you don’t that same feeling will continue to pop up occasionally until you do so you might as well go for it the first time.

The reward is unreal when you finally get out of something that you know deep inside you is not for you any longer, don’t fall into the trap stand up tall and proud that is what will guide you through it.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

The AMFisH guy…

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