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AMFisH blog post – don’t underestimate the power of a conversation with a stranger.

Helloooooooooo!   I had to write a post about this as I have been in far too many situations that have actually made me grow as a person because of it, so I will start with saying never underestimate the power of a conversation with a stranger.

We grew up being told that strangers are people we do not know and as children to stay safe we should not talk to strangers or go anywhere with strangers, which I totally agreed with back then and still do now.   But this many years later I actually embrace conversations with certain strangers, sure maybe not everyone as I would never have time for anything else if I did, but there are situations that I will engage in that conversation.

People have always talked to me in public places and I could not understand what it was about me that made so many people approach me or just start a conversation, as I did not see this happening to many other people I knew.   So instead of trying to figure out why it was happening it was easier to embrace it and see what would come out of it.

Well let’s just say all these years later I feel like the most educated man alive!  I have learned soooooooooooo much from conversations with complete and total strangers, from the elderly woman asking me about how to select a mango, to the deaf person stopping me to say hi to my puppy Sequioa, all these conversations have taught me many things that I am grateful for and all it tool was a few minutes out of my day.

There are many of us that get caught in the “rat race” of life and are always on the go ignoring anyone that makes and effort to talk to us or someone asking for help and yes we can each live our lives the way we want, so I am by no means saying you have to engage with strangers I am merely saying not to underestimate the power of the conversation.

I have grown immensely as a person from these life experiences and I never thought I would get such riches from a three minute chat with someone I didn’t even know.    I would strongly recommend everyone trying this at some point in your life, WHY well it’s quite a unique experience when that conversation makes you think about things several days after it actually took place and that is the fascinating part about it!

I have many stories to share and will be blogging them here and there as this daily blog is about will be about life stuff, fishing stuff, stories, situations and pretty much anything I feel like talking about that may add some value to all of you out there.

Thank you for your time, always appreciated.

The AMFisH guy…

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