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AMFisH blog post – how important alone time actually is…

Hi everyone!   = )  Today’s post is about the importance of learning to take some alone time here and there, I have found over the many years that I have been setting aside some alone time that I end up finding solutions to may of my troubles or dilemma’s throughout life.

There are many people that are not great when they are along, meaning just not comfortable being by themselves even for several hours.   The trick here is to start with short periods of time and work your way up to longer sessions, once you are able to spend a full day by yourself running through all your thoughts, considering opinions and finding ways to move forward instead of sideways or backwards life starts to become less difficult and confusing.

I used to spend time going for a run or long drive, just to clear my head from having worked a few jobs at once as well as going to school and I quickly found the mental break to be quite “amazing”!

Once you have been able to establish alone time on a regular basis you see that in most situations you actually did not really need someone along or over at the time it was more the comfort and needing to have them there.   I fish alone a lot as well, it gives me much needed time away with my thoughts, something I value very much.

I guess what I am saying here is don’t be afraid to be alone because of what people with think in the bookstore or coffee shop, think of it as your time and forget about any leering eyes, WHY well in you take a second to look at the big picture all those leering eyes don’t even matter, because they are people who you will more than likely never see again.

Focus on the list of people in your life that are part of your support system not what the general public perceive you as, those people are usually not worth the look over at them or the breath to even say anything to.

Once you find the equal point of enjoying time with family and friends the alone time will definitely be something you will start to value as well, it’s kind of hard to beat time with yourself as you are never truly yourself all the time, but when it’s you and only you your mind starts to pour everything out giving you many great opportunities to tackle life issues in a different way.

Hope you found this post helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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