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AMFisH blog post – how many different soft plastics should you have?

Hi fellow fishing people!   This AMFisH blog post is about how many different soft plastic baits you should have and what I mean by this is should you have 4 to 6 different creature baits, 9 types of 6″ worms, that sort of stuff.

Well my theory from experience is at least a few of each style in a few different sizes and colours, WHY well things like colour and smell are not at the top of my list BUT they do come into play at various times so if you don’t have them you are kind of stuck.

Shape and movement through the water are the two key appealing things to fish, if it looks like everything else shape wise that is swimming around and move like it through the water at the same speed and wiggle then fish will be all over that bait.   What I am focussing on in this post is having a selection to choose from for different applications, example fish have been hitting that nice big 4″ chunky creature bait you were using and all of a sudden stop, well you can try that size in another colour that is if you have it to try.

Then you try that new colour in that size and it does not catch one fish, well if you do not have a smaller or thinner version of a creature bait guess what the fish are not biting, it’s just that simple.  There are many times throughout a day where they could be into larger feed for whatever reason then all of a sudden stop going after that size of feed, that is where having a variety of sizes, shapes and colours will help you out.

Sure you can always work with what you have by cutting a 10″ worm down to 6″ inches but how do you make that worm thinner?  Not an easy thing to do at all.   You can tweak your baits by cutting them down or trimming them a little thinner but then you compromise the overall appearance too much so for the cost of having a few packages should never be an issue.

Soft plastics are consumables they will get beat up more than any other bait and are not made to last a long time, sometimes even one great fish fight!  Also make sure to have several packages of your #1 soft plastic and colour, if the fish are on you can quickly go through 2 to 4 packages in a day and again if you head out with a six count package of your favourite one and they are all gone you will not be a happy camper.


I have included a couple of pictures in this post just to show you how different the same type of bait can look, example being the creature baits specifically where there are wider flat looking ones, leaner chunky looking ones, lots of differences when you see them outside of the packages, which again allows you to tweak them multiple times if you have a few different ones.

Maybe split the claws down the centre for less water resistance and a faster sink, cut off a few legs just to show more of the body of the bait, little things like that can help produce more fish once they stop hitting the bait the way it is.   So again having lots of them will definitely give you the upper hand in fooling the fish and so you spend $30 on soft plastics a year if they produce great fish pictures it’s all worth it!

Hope you found this post helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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