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AMFisH blog post – how often do fish feed?

Hi AMFisHers!   Have you ever thought about ho much fish feed?  When they feed and if they will be feeding during your next outing?  Well there is a simple answer they eat all the time, yes all the time!

There are so many fish out there that you will pretty much always get a bite if you are doing some key things correctly.  Many strikes are not even because a fish is hungry, usually predatory attacks to protect nest’s or just merely to get something out of their area.

But fish do eat and quite a bite throughout the week, so the key thing is to always try to get some strikes, HOW is the question.   If you assess the water that day by using the level system I always talk about, fishing different baits at different depths you can quickly see what level the strikes are occurring in and by doing so you can zone in on the feeding fish of just plain aggressive fish striking at anything in their area.

The beauty of this is that once a level stops producing fish you try them all again until the next level starts to work and so on.  I can’t stress it enough fish feed all the time, before a storm like crazy, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night I have caught fish pretty much around the clock.

Sure some times are better for certain situation’s, example you are out on a scorching hot summer day and the fishing sucks, well they will be holding in deeper water and possibly not active due to the extreme heat, BUT if you head out later that day say late afternoon you may have more luck as they will potentially not have fed earlier and be roaming around for something to eat.

Every outing presents it’s own challenges that is the continual testing of fishing, but fish do eat and will continue to eat daily due the amount of fish in the lakes, so don’t question this much anymore just get out there and catch them!

The AMFisH guy…

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