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AMFisH blog post – increase the size/quality of the fish you catch by trolling.

Hi everyone!  I have been wanting to write this post and the time has come, this is all about trolling and how it can increase the size/quality of the fish you catch.  I am a huge fan of trolling for fish and have put a lot of time into understanding it better than I used to.

Trolling allows you to cover a lot of water, what might take you a few hours to fish with your electric motor might only take you half the time by using your main motor and trolling through those same areas just in the deeper path.  I have caught some of my largest fish while trolling some baits that are 13″ to 15″ inches in length as well as on some much smaller baits in the 5″ to 8″ size.

DM Canon. Bill's Cottage

I have included a few on my most prize catches in this post as I feel the need to show some pictures about having caught these big fish, no point in talking about it with no pictures!   Trolling allows you to also study the bottom of the lakes you fish, which is a huge advantage because your mind quickly starts to remember the underwater structure you remember seeing on your electronics.

The quality of fish increases due to the fact of being able to cover so much water with larger baits that bigger fish will definitely be more interested in, WHY well larger fish have to exert far more energy for a meal, not really worth it for them sometimes to quickly chase after a tiny bait that is not going to fill their hunger.

This does not mean you can’t catch larger fish by casting or on smaller baits, it a merely pointing out that larger fish usually strike while trolling, as they will sit near those good spots where they know they can ambush bait passing by and already may be using those same spots you are trolling to feed.

Trolling also comes in handy when the fishing gets really slow, when nothing is hitting anything you cast or even those slow presentation baits.   I always turn to trolling when nothing else is working, it really does make the baits look pretty natural as well as annoying when they pass by a larger fish that want’s nothing else to be in it’s territory.

Give it a try you might just hook into your “BIGGEST” fish yet!

Hope you found this post helpful, thanks for taking the time to read it.

The AMFisH guy…

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