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AMFisH blog post – living a humble life…

Hi fellow AMFisHers and everyone else out there giving this blog post a read!  I have so many topics for post’s these day’s and no real order in which I decide to write them, I let the day bring what it brings.

This specific post is quite an important one to me as it is able taking steps to living a humble life.  I remember the very simple day’s while growing up where my parents would not buy me everything I wanted or everything I told them other kids had and maybe that upbringing is a part of why I am the way I am today.

I did not have brand name of many things and always wanted them because other’s had those things and I wanted to fit in.   My mother who did the shopping for us bought what she could afford and what I needed with very few extras on the side, so I guess I was living the humble life since I was just a young boy and did not even know it.

This many years later I am quite shocked at what we as a people have turned into, always needing everything brand new and the latest model of everything.  Classic example is cell phones, I grew up in the pager era and that was quite cool itself, you would get beeped and call someone from whatever phone was around you.   Then the next phase kicked in the bulky cell phones, used to use the one my mom had in the family car here and there, you know back when all the phone numbers were in our head’s.

Phase after phase new cell phone technology was popping up every few months, people running for the newest one on the market, even if it meant paying huge penalties for cancelling contracts.  Then I find myself here today with people waiting for the next new thing coming out, for what who knows as the differences are always so minimal and it makes me think of the good old day’s that were so damn simple.

I am not saying do not spend money on brand name all I am talking about is there is no need for any personal show, half the time when you are wearing those expensive jeans not one person even notices, WHY well if it’s a stranger you are nothing to them, they don’t know you and you don’t know them so why should they care about your jeans?

Are there things that we will want to be brand name YES, do we need the latest and greatest of everything NO, but I don’t tell others how to run their life I just share my stories and thoughts with all of you.   Being humble and having this outlook honestly makes me feel so rich inside, in a way that is hard to explain.  No need to chase that mighty dollar because the second you make more of those dollars they go right back out the door they came in.

I am merely talking about living a humble life, one that you can be proud of and involves nothing to do with other people’s perception of you, in all honesty unless they are family or long time friends who really gives a shit about what they think of you.   So you don’t have brand name jeans big deal, the guy that does look’s goofy in them because he is too short and can’t pull them off with his look, again just an example to show you that those material things many strive for in life mean absolutely nothing, it’s the simple things that take us all a longer way in life.

Being humble is a great way to live, simplicity of anything can’t be beat by much at all.  I am just a die hard fisherman who love’s to fish any chance I get, that is where I put all my effort’s into doing what I love not buying what I think I should have so other’s see me a certain way.

I hope you enjoyed these post and maybe it left a little thought in your head about how you are living and how you could be living your life.

The AMFisH guy…

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