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AMFisH blog post – running towards your “passion”!

Hi everyone!  I have wanted to write a post about passion’s for a while now, as I started to pursue my passion the last few years and what a remarkable journey it has become!

The mere thought I knowing that through some ups and downs as well as a lot of hard work I can actually get up one day and talk fishing from 9-5, that to someone like me who’s passion for fishing is sooooooooooooooooo intense is unbelievable!   We are not here forever so why not do what we love to do?   Not many run towards a passion and others don’t know what their passion is, but for those of you that have figured out and do have clear signs I say “GO FOR IT”!

I have included some pictures of three close friends who are pursuing their passion in life just like I am, first is Vanja Vojvodic who is a pro MMA fighter as well as an entrepreneur(Instagram @Vanjavojvodic2014 & ), second is Samantha Canning who is making unbelievable cupcakes & cakes with her passion in baking(Instagram @littlemisscupandcakes), and third is Dipesh Lakhani a headshot and portrait photographer(Instagram @Dipeshlakhani &


I have enjoyed many talk’s with all three over the last long while, always bouncing ideas around and helping one another to continue seeing that doing what you love as a job is hard to beat!   The four or us decided to pursue happiness in something we enjoy and make a career out of it, as that is the true way to be your happiest in life!

Find something you are passionate about and once you get those clear signs that it is all you want to do, talk about, share with people you will know it is what you should be doing in life.

Hope you found this post motivational and helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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