AMFisH blog post – small fish will hit big baits and big fish will hit small baits.

Hi AMFisHers!  Fellow AMFisHers have asked me quite a few times about why small fish hit big baits and why big fish hit small baits, specifically pertaining to some of my fishing pictures clearly displaying this having happened.

Well here is a great picture I took lase here where this small little largemouth bass smashed by flipping jig with a full size trailer on the back of it.  The fish was a pound if that at all and the strike felt like it was at least a 3.5 pound fish, totally smashed it!

Well it’s simple I always say we can’t know what bait will work and when it will work, the fish dictate what shape, style, colour, speed, smell and overall look of a bait they are interested in, which is why I say head out with a game plan if you plan on flipping Texas rigged soft plastics make sure you have a few chunky body ones, a few thin leaner body one and some really big ones all in different colours as well.

Colour is around third on the important list, first comes the shape of the bait and how it moves through the water, that is what fish tend to react to when the instinct of feeding or killing a bait in it’s area, they relate to what they see each and every day in their habitats.

The bass in this picture viciously attacked my jig that is almost half it’s body length, WHY well that day I figured out that they were only striking that particular bait if I had a full size trailer on the back.  It looked bigger, gave off more smell, would sink faster as it was a little heavier and would move a lot less while sitting on the bottom, as a half chunk will get moved around more by any current.

The key is to pay attention to everything and when you think you have take a closer look after your fishing outing to see why certain things happened the way they did.   People say every fishing outing is a different day and the fish will be different as well, my theory is fishing can change by the minute or several minutes, one second that silver spoon is catching fish after fish then it all of a sudden stops and they want something will more vibration, it can be exactly that fast a of change sometimes.

Don’t be scared to mix it up fish get used to seeing the same thing and a change helps prevent that.  I have also caught some pretty big pike of a 3″ curly tail jig on a jig head, WHY well that is simple as well sometimes an easy meal is something a fish can’t pass out on.  Large fish use up a lot of energy trying to chase and attack when feeding so a small bait bouncing around in front of them can make for a great snack.

Other times a larger fish will only be into a larger bait for that very reason, if they reward is not a good enough reward there is no point wasting it’s energy for a small prize.   This is the one part of fishing that I love so much the constant learning and studying, you will never have everything right and will never know everything which keeps you driven for a very long time.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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