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AMFisH blog post – spinnerbaits will catch many species.

Hi AMFisHers!   This AMFisH blog post is about spinnerbaits and how this superb bait has the ability to catch various fish species and lot’s of fish as well!

The spinnerbait is one of the first baits I ever got my hands on as I grew up watching them being used by all the guys who hosted their own TV shows back then and man did this bait ever catch fish!

Copy of IMG_2958

It is a pretty simple setup for a bait, wire with a few blades and a jig head with a nice full rubber stranded skirt.   These baits are very easy to use, as they are a cast and retrieve bait, with the blades making vibration in the water as they turn and the skirt/jig head of the bait resembling the actual baitfish.   They come in various sizes, some funky shaped heads, very coloured rubber skirts, various blades styles and number of blades, you name it this bait has it.

The thing about the spinnerbait is that is catches various species of fish, now this is not in any way to say other baits don’t BUT in all my years fishing the spinnerbait has in fact landed me more fish than any other bait I have.     It is so versatile and easy to use which has always made it my “go to” bait to start the day!



Now this is not to say that a spinnerbait alone will not catch fish because it will I just take various steps to increase my chances of catching the most fish possible on my outings and by adding a soft plastic on the back that definitely adds more fish to my day.

Be sure to pick some up and grab a few of your best colour patterns as there is nothing worse then snapping your top producing colour and not having a backup, which is even worse if the fishing is really on.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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