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AMFisH blog post – staying positive when a fishing outing is not going well.

Hi fishing world!   This blog post is about a familiar topic to all of us AMFisHers, you know those dreaded day’s when you are fishing and nothing is going right, yup those day’s.

Well the key to any outing whether it be fishing or any hobby you enjoy is to try to remain as positive as you can through any bad that happens.  Trust me I have had my share of things go wrong over the years, far too many stories to talk about in this post but I will share one memorable one.

I was fishing in a rental boat and was having a great day with my girlfriend at the time, so we decided to stay into the later afternoon and it was an amazing summer night.  Well after things going well for so long there was bound to be something that could change the great mood we were both in and that was the pull rope on the outboard motor snapping when I decided to start the boat and head back to the dock.

With the sky starting to get darker and darker and my girlfriend getting more scared by the minute so in that situation I could have made several choices that would not have helped the situation, but instead my instinct went directly to looking for other boats that were cruising back to the main dock area.

We both stayed calm as I knew the lake very well, so from a safety standpoint I was fine but from a how do you get back to the main dock with no real lights to navigate with, that was the concern.  A few minutes passed and there it was a boat heading back in as I started to flag them down with my lifejacket.

Is it easy to stay calm, absolutely not but the alternative will just makes things a lot worse, especially if you have been dealing with a lot of smaller issues in the boat, with tying knots, losing baits, not catching fish, dropping your sandwich in the lake, stuff like that can really get the blood boiling, BUT in the end no matter what happens(and things will happen) by keeping a straight frame of mind nothing is really that bad, so you lost a few baits it happens, you did not catch any fish it happens, at least you got out on the water when your friends said they would and never made it out.

Once you focus on the plus side of things no matter what the situation is, it truly does make you think a little differently on how to handle negative things when they happen.   Fish are not biting well go for a cruise and look at some nice cottages, maybe park at a dock and go for a hike, lots of options available when things don’t go according to plans.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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