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AMFisH blog post – supporting your friends.

Hi everyone!   This AMFisH blog post is about something that hit’s home with me that I thought I would share.   Over the last long year or so I have been exposed to some friends trying to live their “passions” in life, as I am taking steps to live my passion as well.

Standing strong beside a friend for nothing more than support is the least you can do, WHY well being all judgemental and negative for them pursuing a passion should not be an option, friends taking that leap towards trying to do what they love and makes then happy should be a great thing to experience and support them through!

Many people don’t have anything they are that passionate about and some are still not sure if they should take the leap themselves, BUT I can assure you that the second a friend is heading in the direction of his or her passion, it can be a very contagious thing that reaches other’s around them.

If anything I hope this post has sparked something in all of you with respect to standing side by side with friends through anything in life as well as potentially having also sparked a slight something in you with respect to thinking about what makes you passionate in life!

The AMFisH guy…

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