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AMFisH blog post – take the kids fishing!

Hi AMFisHers!   This post is a simple one about taking the kids fishing!   I truly love seeing all the parents posting pictures and sharing pictures with me through social media of their little ones fishing as it brings back a lot of memories for me.

They are the next future fishing generation which is why I always promote catch and release, not polluting our waters with our garbage during a fishing outing and boat safety, fishing is such a great experience as a young child due to the fact that is builds up a sense of accomplishment for them.

I host an annual AMFisH kids fishing day to share my passion for fishing with all the little ones and to take it one step further because I grew up with parents that were not much into the outdoors stuff, which resulted in me having pretty much no fishing pictures under the age of 15, just the fond memories is what I look back at.  So I designed a fun fishing t-shirt for the kids and man oh man do they look great in them!

It does not cost must at all a fun spincast fishing kit is under $35 which includes a fishing rod, reel, small tackle trays with some baits and line already spooled.  Throw in a small coloured tackle box with a few simple baits, hooks, floats, live bait, add in a trout pond and you are set!


It’s quite hard to explain the smile on child’s face when he or she catches their first fish, this unreal excitement takes over!   Take the time to share fishing with your kids, friends kids, grandkids neighbours kids as it is a hobby/sport that allows you to enjoy the outdoors with them to a level they would never know existed if you didn’t.

The AMFisH guy…

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