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AMFisH blog post – taking the kids fishing this spring!

Hi fishing world!   Spring is upon us and I wanted to write a post about taking the kids fishing, WHY well fishing is an unbelievable lifetime adventure so getting them started at an early age is something they will “NEVER” forget…trust me on this one.

When you are considering taking them out potentially even for the first time keep things simple and plan the outing to a local trout pond, this will give you a chance to see if the little ones are actually interested and get “HOOKED” on fishing.

From here there are a few other tips when it comes to taking the youngsters out, first make it fun by getting them some fun coloured kids tackle/gear, second keep the outing short as they kids can lose their attention/interested in things fairly quickly so don’t overdue it by staying too long, third pack them a fun lunch maybe by including it at the bottom of their tackle box with an icepack, fourth bring them along to a fishing store so they can see what fishing is all about and potentially have them select a bait, fifth keep things very simple with some shore fishing, this gives you a lot less stress in having to navigate the water with the little ones in a boat.   Even letting them take some fishing pictures is enough to build some excitement in them, so make sure you have your camera to captures those smiling faces and memories!

Simple is the key word to remember with kids fishing, bobbers, live bait, fun gear, coloured soft plastics, a funny fishing hat, you name it make it as fun as possible!   I can assure you the quality in a fishing outing with your kids is quite hard to beat by any other activity, you both get to enjoy nature and time together and for the little ones it is a huge sense of accomplishment especially if they catch a fish on a bait they picked out.

So remember simple simple “SIMPLE” is at the top of the list when it comes to kids fishing.

Hope you found this post helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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