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AMFisH blog post – what musky fishing is like.

Hi fishing world today’s post is about the fish of a thousand cast’s, the mighty “MUSKY”!   This species is the Barracuda of fresh water, they can grow up to 5ft(potentially longer) reaching weights in the 50 to 60 pound range and these guys will leave that fight replaying again and again in your brain!

I have been seriously fishing for this elusive species for the last 5 to 6 years, tried many years ago when my approach was not correct so I went to studying and reading up on how this fish got the name fish of a thousand cast’s.  Many people never see a musky and what you need to catch them is all part of the bigger picture.  Can you hook one on a regular fishing rod, SURE but can you land one on a regular fishing rod, probably not.

The musky has a lot of power, swimming and jaw strength and having hooked into a few myself the fight was exactly what I expected it to me, “OUT OF THIS WORLD INSANE”!   I included a picture of what a musky day entails below and as you can see there are a lot of different baits on the deck of my boat, what you can also see is these baits are not regular baits, they are all build super tough with big durable bodies, strong hooks, strong O rings you name it these baits are built for a serious fight!

A typical day is casting various baits like this in the areas where you will find muskies, early season that will be the shallower areas in inlets and bays with access to deep water which is a must for the musky.  They will also hold in areas where bait fish are plentiful and oxygen levels are high.  Weeds and rocks will also be common in a good musky spot, as this fish loves to ambush everything from a big perch, one pound smallmouth bass, frogs, ducks, mice anything it pretty much wants to strike at.

Fishing for them is not easy as you find those spots you will need some serious gear and lots of energy, because casting those baits that weigh a few ounces over and over again all day gets quite exhausting.   Extra heavy action fishing rod, extra heavy fishing reel, extra heavy fishing line, extra heavy baits, big nets, strong gloves the list goes on and on.  I will admit there is always something amazing about catching a really big fish, which is part of the reason why I decided to invest in some gear and try it.

A great way to hook into a really big musky is to troll some of these big baits, find that musky spot and troll around with shallow running baits then troll through the deeper areas and if you are lucky enough to have one strike all I will say is hang on big time!   A typical musky day is casting and trolling huge baits and not catching even one of them, hence the fish of a thousand casts name, BUT if you learn about their behaviour get the right gear and start hooking into them I can assure you that you will be hooked on musky fishing pretty damn quick!

Bait’s like these can cost anywhere between $11.99 to $34.99 so it is not an easy investment at the star especially when you need several of them to try, so keep and eye out for fishing sales you can save yourself a lot of money by grabbing a costly bait for several dollars lower than regular price.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found some value in it and who knows maybe the musky bite will find you!

The AMFisH guy…

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