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AMFisH daily blog post – don’t put the important things on hold for too long.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   I decided to write this post after having had a conversation with my website gwizard recently, it’s was a good reminder chat for him about life stuff.

I have always said if you really want to do something, see someone or go somewhere you will make the time to do it, but is seems as though we allow that busy life to make us put these things off for longer than we think.

Over the years I have strived to “always” make the time for visiting those who are important to me, doing the things I love so much, WHY well we never know how much time we have so constantly putting things off for long periods of time while saying oh yeah I really need to visit so and so I keep putting it off.

How many times can you say that to yourself before actually taking action?  I guess this is more of a reminder post to all of you out there, as life does get busy no doubt about it, BUT when do we actually stop using that as the excuse?

When we partake in those fun visits, or coffee with a friend, hike with a loved one, we end up in a better place in life, a place that allows us to focus on the really important things in life!

We can’t buy time everyone so use the time you have wisely and get out there creating those memories, laughing up a storm over past memories, these are the true rich moments in life.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

The AMFisH guy…

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