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AMFisH daily blog post – specific baits for specific lakes.

Hi AMFisHers,

This AMFisH daily blog post is about specific baits for specific lakes.   Over the years I have learned to have specific baits organized in individual tackle trays that I use on certain lakes.

This is quite a unique strategy as you have baits in the trays that have worked well on a specific lake you fish and continue to add to that tray after each outing.   You success rate increases by a good 85%, simply due to the fact that you are using baits that have worked on that lake before!

Having trays sorted by lakes gives you the upper hand, as the baits in those trays have produced in the past on that body of water and you have developed confidence in using them.  The key to doing this correctly is leaving your baits out as you fish and at the end of the day reviewing what baits you caught fish on.

You do this on about 4 outings on each lake, this should give you about 10 to 12 baits that you were able to catch fish on.  These baits go into a tackle tray listed with that lakes name and you use them each time you fish that lake, building more and more success on those specific colours/patterns.   On each outing bring along another 4 baits you think might work due to them being the right size for the fish in the lake, right presentation, right action, various aspects of that bait that can lead to success.

At the end of the outing take 10 minutes to sort these baits out and only the baits that worked for you go into that lakes tray, to be used next time.   You will quickly see that the puzzle pieces have come together and that ever so annoying guessing game at the start of each outing will not be a factor anymore.

There will be time when things in those specific trays do not work, could be due to a storm that rolled through, fishing the wrong spots, any number of reason can affect success BUT the key thing is you will have tried your best with various confidence baits that you know have the ability to catch fish on that lake.

Some other advantages are that you can travel with light tackle, one or two small trays at most.   Another advantage is your gear remains very organized in these few trays, avoiding the clutter of scrambling for a bait you want but can’t find it in the 10 messy fishing trays.   All in all it’s a win win situation for you, so give it a try with one lake and grow from there.

Hope you found this blog post helpful…..tight lines!


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