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AMFisH daily blog post – spring fishing bait tips!

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   Spring is just around the corner and there are some key spring fishing strategies when it comes to what baits to use.

Bait fish are their smallest in the very early months so throwing a huge bait does not make for a good choice.   You will want to stick to smaller baits, in the 3.5″ and shorter range, as well as slimmer profile baits with not too much body bulk.

Spring is the time of year when everything is rejuvenating itself, small fry bait fish are scurrying around everywhere, insects are flying around and landing on the water holes, so a great choice of baits are ones that mimic these behaviors.

By using small simple/easy to fish baits like in-line spinners, beetle spins and spoons in very natural looking colours patterns, you capitalize on the current behavior of various food sources that fish gorge on in that spring season.

Coming out of a long, cold and dark downtime the fish light up at this new time of year and can feed rather intensely due to all the available food growing amongst them.  Keeping it simple for the first couple of months definitely increases your chances of many successful fishing days and some very memorable fishing days that may not happen again.

Below are a few pictures of the Williams spoons, Bluefox vibrax inline spinners, Johnson beetle spins and Mepp’s inline spinners which are in the 2″ to 3.5″ size range that you want a bait to be in during early spring.  They are very natural looking colours, silvers, black bug like patterns ad what you will want for a colour selection.   Lastly they give off some good vibration which you can’t use enough in the early spring to attract those fish strikes.



These may be small baits and you might be thinking that bigger fish would not go after baits this size, but many big fish will never pass up on an easy simple meal that they have to expend very little effort to gobble up.




Early season is a great time of year to catch some good fish and plenty of them so think small, natural and noisy to get them going.   You can also work these baits pretty quickly if the water temperature is slightly warmer than usual, spring bait fish and insects are not moving around slowly they are full of life and all over the place!   Get you small bait selection ready and enjoy the results they will bring.

Hope you found this post helpful and may tight lines find you this spring!

The AMFisH guy…

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