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AMFisH daily fishing blog post – difference between flipping jigs and swim jigs.

Hi AMFisHers!   This AMFisH fishing blog post is about the differences between flipping style jigs and swim jigs. To many these baits look exactly the same but there are many differences between them that I will review in this post.

A flipping jig(see picture below) is a jig that is made up of a plastic strand skirt, weed guard, jig head and hook, with many having a built in rattle chamber on the hook.  These jigs are designed to be fished in the thickest of cover, everything from thick dense weeds, to sunken trees, stumps, rocks, docks you name the structure these baits can be flipped into it.

Their design is such that they have a standard head with no  special detail on it, mostly round or slim bullet shaped.  Round heads are easier to skip across the water into spots below docks and the slimmer style heads will actually slide through the weeds a little easier due to their slim design.   These flipping jigs also have nice long weed guards and very strong thick hooks, these are all features that are needed for a bait that is fished in lot’s of dense cover.

A swim jig(see picture below) however is not designed to be fished in thick cover at all, it looks almost exactly the same but there are many differences.  First these baits are meant to be fished in open water areas and not directly in the structure.   Around the outside areas of weed lines, around open water pockets on drop offs, these types of areas.   The head style on these baits is much slimmer and usually has more detail on it like eyes and gill plates along with colour patterns.


The hook on these baits is a slimmer style hook like you would fine on other baits, as it does not require that tough hook because it is not fished in cover.   The weed guard is also similar to the weed guard on a flipping bait but not as bulky.

When it comes to soft plastic trailers on a flipping jig you will mainly use baits like crayfish style plastics, creature baits, worms or ay other soft plastic that will make the bait look similar to a crayfish.  With swim jigs you will be using a small swimbait style soft plastic or worm trailer as these are used to resemble a scurrying baitfish as they are being retrieved.

Flipping jigs are more of a finesse style bait, you cast them out into pockets within the weeds and let them hit bottom, give the bait a few pop’s then let it sit again.  A swim jig is fished completely different, you cast these out and swim them back to the boat similar to how you would a crankbait.  You can used a jigging style retrieve or a steady popping motion to make the bait look like a minnow.

In the end these still look very similar to the avid fisherman so learning to tell them apart is critical as you will want to make sure you are using the right bait for the right application.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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