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Applying the level system for fishing…

Many years ago after trying to catch fish that came relatively easy to me, must have been because this is my “passion” in life……anyway I put a lot of thought into how each fishing outing should start.

Well I had grown up reading and watching people catch fish on top water baits, shallow cranks, deep cranks, jigs, but there was no defined way of what, when and how to use these baits.

My thoughts resulted in my little level system, that most fisherman may or may not be aware of.  I am not saying I invented this or anything just sharing it with the world, each outing starts with searching each level for fish.

A level is respresented by depth, so at the start of the day in the early morning on calm water(or not so calm water if it is still in the morning), I go right to top water baits.

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