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Bait caster reel a must for power fishing…

Power fishing to me has become that starting part to the day where I want to cover a lot of water, this can be done even shore fishing.   By using fast retrieve baits like crank baits and spinner baits you can cover a large amount of water to hopefully hook any aggressive fish at that time.

This style of fishing is working baits somewhat quickly throughout many long casts, when I mean long casts I mean as far as you gear will let you cast them !   Power fishing is something that is better done with bait casting reels, due the shoter reel turn bait casting reels allow for more power hence faster retrieving of baits.  6:4:1 & 7:4:1 gear ratios will definitely do the trick for this type of fishing.

Spinning reels have a longer reel cycle, meaning every turn of the reel is much slower then that of a bait caster reel, still can me used but you need to reel very quickly the second the bait hits the water. Unfortunately you end up getting tired a lot quicker, so learning the in and outs to bait casting reels is a must.

The AMFisH guy…

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