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Be sure to live at least one dream you have had growing up.

Wanted to write a blog post about life, friends and living dreams, WHY well I enjoyed a great night yesterday with a very good friend who I got to see enjoying one of his childhood dreams and what an experience it was seeing his face in such a happy place!

I am a strong believer that the true happiness we find in life definitely comes from living some of our dreams, as many may never be attainable BUT some are so go after them and make them a reality.

In my younger years I was like so many other people, had dreams coming out of my ears and always said one day one day, well enough was enough I got tired of answering like everyone else was, it was time for action so I jumped right in.

Getting up each and every day knowing that I have made one come true is one of the greatest feelings ever!   Go after them everyone, no point in having dreams if you don’t run after some of them.

Keep those good humble friends close to you and live the life you know is possible, you just need to take that first leap forward the…

The AMFisH guy…

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