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Catching multiple fish species in one area.

Hi AMFisHers! I have been asked by various people what the possibilities of catching more than one fish species in an area and yes it is possible.

I usually fish long stretches of shoreline which entails my regular fishing spots as well as new spots and I can tell you on one stretch and maybe two or three different baits I have caught about four different species of fish again and again.

On a crankbait for example I caught two bass, a small pike then a larger pike, a walleye and two smallmouth bass, yes all on the same bait.

Fish at times use the same areas for oxygen, feed, protection and as ambush points, so you will find various species in one area but may never catch them all.

Fishing is a lot about what that day has to offer, example large pike decide to move in and feed on bedding baby largemouth bass, well while fishing for bass you may actually hook a pike, even on a bass bait.

Numerous times fishing a Texas rigged soft aplastic bait I have has pike attack and snap my line, it happens because at the end of the day a meal is a meal to a hungry fish.

Fish those long stretches of shoreline with a single bait that has been working that day, you never know what can strike at anytime.

The AMFisH guy…

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