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Coloured, fish pattern or plain spinner baits…

As I mentioned spinner baits come in various colours and patterns and I suggest trying various ones.  I myself probably have 40 spinner baits myself, large, small, variety of colours, blades patterns, you name it BUT what I tell everyone to do is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS have about 4 of your most amazing one !

By this I mean have multiples as back ups of the number one colour and blade pattern that works for you, WHY well if you only one snaps on the water and that is the only thing that has worked all day, need I say more……NOPE !   

Pick up some common colours like chartreuse(this catches lots of species), white is great for small mouth bass, even better if everything is white including the blades(wire always stays nickle colour as the do not colour that part), solid black great for overcast days BUT I have mixed feelings about that bright colours on bright days and natural colours on dark days, read through some past blog posts for details on that, blue and white another good colour pattern, perch coloured skirts(black, orange and green mix) with the same coloured blades, pink and white great colour for bass, the list goes on and on, pick some up and try them out, who knows you may end up having 40 like me !

The AMFisH guy…

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