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Cool storm rolling in video ! ! ! !

Hi fishing people wanted to invite you all to the AMFisH Facebook page( where I recently posted a short video of a storm rolling in during the late evening on the Ottawa river while on a fishing vacation.

It is a short video as we needed to get inside the cottage pretty damn quick, thunder was roaring and the lighting was lighting up the entire sky, not to mention the intense rain that lasted from 9pm that night until around 9:15am the next morning…..boat took on a lot of water…..brutal…

The only focal point we had was the solar powered dock light you will see my zoning in on as we were in complete darkness while shooting what we could of this insane storm.  As soon as the video cameras turned off as we entered the cottage the storm took on some powerful winds as well as trees on the mountain top being struck my lightning, pretty cool I must admit ! 

Don’t mind the “F BOMB” at the beginning of the video that was my friend while he started shooting, we were all shocked at how intense the storm system was and how quickly in was rolling in.

Decided to share this video as most people don’t see this kind of stuff happen, was a first for me and have seen some pretty good ones since then as well…..hope you enjoyed it !

The AMFisH guy…

#fishing #lakes #storms

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