Daily AMFisH blog post – rigging worm baits to be even more weedless

Hi AMFisHers !  This AMFisH blog post is about how you can rig your worms baits to be even more weedless.

When you think of a weedless worm first thing that comes to mind is a Texas rigged worm, which is extremely weedless.  This blog is about adding another element of weedless to your worm.

You will need a small willow blade, an O ring, swivel(optional) and a screw in worm spring.   You put the blade on the O ring, then slide the O ring o to the worm spring, from here you grab the worm and slowly screw the worm on to the rig.

Your worm should still be Texas rigged as usual and the rig on the end will add flash as well as allow for it to be fished in thicker cover.  You can also use a Colorado blade instead to swim the bait through open water, causing a lot of vibration.  The bait basically becomes a retrieve style bait.

You can still fish the worm into pockets by allowing it to sink into them, the blade will spin around as it sinks.

Keep in mind that the willow blade looks kind of like a leaf, where the Colorado blade is more circular.  Willow does much better in weeds and the Colorado blade will give off more vibration but will get hung up more so it should be used in open water.

This is a great rig to make baits that are typically fish slowly, to be fished quicker as a retrieve bait.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…



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