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Daily AMFisH fishing blog post – sqaure lipped crankbaits, what is the sqaure lip for?

Hi AMFisHers!   This AMFisH fishing bog post is about square lipped crankbaits.  Why the square lip?  What does it do?  How much different is it from a circular lipped crankbait which is the regular style.

Above is a picture of a square lipped crankbait and as you can see the diving lip is totally square shaped, this design will displace water differently and the bait will wiggle differently when being retrieved.   The action is not exactly the same as a circular lipped cranbait but this square design is made for bouncing this bait off of structure a lot easier without it getting hung up as much.

You can bounce this bait off of sunken tree branches, stumps, rocks, you name it the bait will find it’s path by bouncing off stuff while being retrieved.

Here is another picture of a regular circular lipped crankbait, as you can see the diving lip is very different and this circular style which is the norm will cause a different wiggle when the bait is being retrieved that may cause it to get hung up slightly more.  Both baits serve a purpose and are great baits for catching fish.

The crankbaits was designed to mimic a swimming baitfish and the key focus on using these style of baits it to make sure the body style matches the species of baitfish in the waters you fish.    If your lakes have more slender baitfish then you will want to use a thinner longer style cranbait, BUT later in the season if you see the baitfish have chunked up a little and have taken a wider body style you will want to switch over to a thicker body style crankbait.

Baits like this is amazing for power fishing as you can use them as search baits to cover a lot of water quickly to locate fish.   Definitely a must in every tackle box and I recommend having some different colours, nature ones and some flashy ones as it will allow you to use these baits in various conditions.

Hope you found the blog post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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