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Determining what the day will bring…

As I have mentioned in previous blog messages, you never really know what each fishing day will bring, you just gotta give it your all when out there and see what happens.

As the day progresses you will quickly find out why or why not  you have been successful.   Observing the water and weather is high on the list for sure, any temperature change can either turn the feed on or shut it right down completely.

Start with baits yo have had success with, then once you have found a pattern that seems to be producing fish, stick it out until things change.   It’s a huge waste of time to go through every bait in your tackle box one after another, that is just doing everything wrong hoping that one of the 28 baits you are throwing will finally catch something.

The bait of choice should be for the depth and water are fishing, example: you can use a spinner bait in shallow water, BUT also run it at a slower speed in deeper water.  Yes it will have a limit on how deep you can actually run it, but that should be obvious.

Be sure that the bait you decide to use is used correctly or it will not produce fish…

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