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Did you know your fishing line does age ? ? ?

Most people don’t know that fishing line does actually age and they usually find out in the worst way possible when their line snaps while they have a great fish on, BUT wait not just once when it snaps again and again while good fish are on the line.

Now that the season is over here in Canada when storing my fishing rods away I always check the line come the spring, WHY because different temperatures involving moisture and heat will impact line.

Depending on how much you fish monofilament line is usually good for a year or two, again all depends on quality, how much it was used and various other variables.   Just make mental notes to check all line on your fishing rods and even extra line you have in packages as well, that will age just sitting there.

With braided line I usually follow the rule of thumb where if the line starts to look really fuzzy looking it is a good indicator you need to consider changing it.   Test it out by tying knots then tugging on those knots to see if the line will snap.  Aged monofilament line will repeatedly snap as you pull it, very clear sign with that line.

In the end good line in working order will land you more fish, bad line well you know what that will get you…

The AMFisH guy…

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