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Do you need a boat to fish ? ? ?

Absolutely not……..did lots of shore fishing in my day and it’s no different then being on the water, you need to look for good spots from shore before you decide on a spot to fish.  

Whatever lake you are at take a walk around the lake observing spots that you might be able to cast to from shore and be sure to try them all.   Example: for bass fishing look for stumps, fallen trees or any type of structure you can cast beside.

One tip is to practice “fan casting” from shore, this is a sequence of casts place 5 to 10 feet apart, going from left to right cast after cast.  Picture casting along the shoreline for cast one, well cast two is still toward that area but ten feet over to the opposite side, then cast three follows ten feet from that cast, still panning left to right.

This helps you cover large patches of water from shore, which can result in more fish being caught instead of casting to one spot again and again.

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