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Does it cost a lot to get into fishing ?

Absolutely not !   First you will require a fishiing license, it’s required before you can fish so make sure to pick one up.  From there all you need is some start up gear and off you go !  A basic rod reel combo with some line will do the trick, some hooks, sinkers and live bait.  

If you are not sure what type of fishing you will end up enjoying or if you will enjoy it at all, it probably a good idea to visit a trout farm that allows fishing to the public in a pond.

All in all to try it even for a few times you are looking at the cost of a license, which will run you under $20 bucks(in Canada) for a basic conservation license.  Head out with someone you knows who is into fishing and that is your starting cost as you can always use some of their gear.

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