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Don’t stay in an unhappy place for too long…

Just sharing a recent event in my life……..”I QUIT MY JOB” ! ! ! !  Now most people may think someone who quits their job is nuts but I did secure a new job before I quit.  There are times in our lives where you say “how much more of this can I take”, yet making a decision is so difficult……well it really is not.

I have tried to surround myself with positive people in my life and unfortunately I stayed in a negative work environment for far too long.   My point here is don’t stay in an unhappy place for too long, it will impact your life far more then you know it.

I was raised by hard working parents and I learned to work hard myself, unfortunate part is companies sometimes don’t value or respect that.  Sure we all have bills to pay and we need the money, BUT ask yourself is money worth your happiness…..not for even a second !

We can complain again and again in hopes that someone important hears us but you know what most of the time is goes in one ear and out the other ear, employers look at the big picture and that is a big shame.

So be true to yourself and move on when you know it is time to do so, we can find job after job BUT think long and hard as to what makes you really happy that is where you will do some of your best work ! ! ! !

I am traveling down a path to make fishing my 9 to 5 job, not quite there yet but the excitement of even getting there is what is driving me forward day after day !  Key thing is I am out of an environment that was holding who I am back, so now I am ready to embrace my new job in the next several days BUT am also focusing on my “passion” which is fishing !

I have grown up hearing well the grass may not be greener on the other side, sure it may not be BUT it will always need to be mowed anyway.  Be happy everyone life can always be better we just need to make some much needed changes sometimes and sure we will hit rough spots for short periods it is the ones that linger around for a while that is where changes need to be made.

The AMFisH guy..

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